What are the most expensive sports in the world?

The sports have always been the favorite past time of many people from all over the world. While some sports will require you little to no money at all, there are also some of them where the stakes are high and that are available only for the rich. Learn here what are the most expensive sports in the world and probably one day you will be the one to practice them.

One of the most popular expensive is the equestrian sport. Riding on the back of a horse was probably your dream as a child, in case you never did it, then now it’s the perfect time to start practicing this sport. While riding a normal horse might not be that expensive, in case you are dealing with a trained or a show horse, the costs will get pretty steep. Training your own horse, traveling to special events with your horse and keeping the animal in great conditions can sometimes cost more than what he average man does in a year. This is why in case you are planning to work on the equestrian sports you should prepare your pockets.

Horse Jumping

Formula 1 and any other sport that require you to have a car in order to compete against others is going to be expensive. When you start practicing this type of motor sports you need to have a lifetime commitment. Starting from the go-kart circuit when you are little and moving on to the ultimate thing: formula 1. In order to get an idea about the costs involved, a single tire from a formula one car costs more than the average American family sedan car. This makes it available only to those people that can afford to spend huge amounts of money on the latest cars and innovations in the industry in order to be competitive.

Sailing is another sport that is there for the rich only. You might think of this sport to be very tranquil, but if you want to buy your own boat and get the best equipment there, you will have to be a millionaire in order to afford everything. There are also other costs involved regarding keeping the boat ready while it’s on the dry land.

Polo is yet another equestrian sport where you have to take into consideration some huge prices. While a normal person might have little or no problems buying a horse, for this sport one horse is not enough. The polo competitions require you to change the horse a few times during a game. All of them must be well trained and there are many people involved into taking care of them.

Another expensive sport you might take into consideration is sky diving. Jumping of a plane might sound fun and exciting and you can always do it once just for fun with an instructor. But once you decide this is the right sport for you, and you decide to buy a parachute the price is situated around $7k. You also have to pay for the flights that take you up in the air and the total expenses will go way beyond your expectations.

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