Top 4 winter sports

Ice Skating

Ice skating is the favorite winter sport of millions of people from all over the world. As soon as December settles in, the cities from all over the world are starting to offer outdoor skate rinks for the public. Skating on ice can be very fun and a good workout for your legs at the same time. It could mean the perfect date or the perfect evening spent with the family. The equipment can always be rented on site and the costs of this winter sport is always low, so this is probably one of the cheapest way you can get a good and fun exercise during winter.



Skiing is probably one of the most popular winter sport. It will take a little bit of time to learn how to ski and once you get the hang of it, you should be able to have a lot of good time. In case you want to own the equipment you should pay some big bucks, but there is always the possibility to rent it. In addition to that you will also need to pay for accommodation in a ski resort and you also have to pay for the lifts. Nothing compares to going downhill with your skis on a sunny morning, while being in the mountains. It helps you get closer to nature and at the same time it can be a very complex sport that allows you to get exactly the type of work out you need during winter.


Snowboarding is a sport very similar to skiing. The difference is the equipment that you use to go downhill. Most of the time the snowboarders are experienced skiers that needed something new, which is more fun and more captivating. The snowboarding equipment is similar to the ski and it allows you to have more freedom. The people that are practicing this sport are more inclined towards the extreme sports. There are also some mountain resorts that have different fun parks made especially for snowboarders and this adds a little bit of adrenaline to what’s normally available for skiers.

Ice Climbing

There are some big chances that you have already heard about this sport that can be practiced during winter. You are probably thinking that it’s packed with adrenaline and that it’s an extreme sport which is at the same time very dangerous, but it’s not necessarily like that. If you are going to practice it on a frozen waterfall and without the proper gear and knowledge, it might turn out to be dangerous. But if you should use the right gear and do it on an artificial wall, then you are about to have a great and risk free winter sport experience. With ice climbing you are able to exercise each and every muscle on your body. The equipment is a little bit costly, but you can always rent it only during the moments when you’re practicing the sport.
Overall this should offer you a really nice experience. The ice climbing is the perfect sport for those that have already practiced rock climbing and they are already finding that to be boring. There are many places where you can find this sport and even if it’s something new, it’s gaining a lot of popularity very fast.

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