The most popular sports on Ice

Winter sports have always been able to captivate people. This is happening as during winter, the options available are always very limited compared to what is available during the summer. In this article we are planning to offer you a good overview of the sports available on ice.

Doing some ice winter sports is probably one of the best ideas you could have. The cold winter days always come and they should offer you the possibility to keep on having fun.

ice winter sports

Probably the most popular sport available on ice is hockey. This is popular all over the world, but it’s even more popular in the countries where the weather is generally cold. This way we can see a huge number of hockey players coming from: Canada, Sweden, or Russia. There the winter lasts a lot longer and the cold weather is able to keep the ice rinks for a long period. All you need in order to play hockey is a stick, skates and a puck. That’s everything that it takes to start playing. Your mission is to move the puck with the stick on the ice and shoot it.

Another sport that is much appreciated all over the world is figure skating. Everybody loves to see it on TV and there are many things that make this sport a main attraction. The music, the costumes and the beautiful skaters are just a few of the elements that are making this sport highly attractive. Figure skating is the type of sport that is so delicate that it can even bring you tears in your eyes.

Another ice sport that you’ve probably already seen on television is speed skating. This is always a main attraction during the Winter Olympics and the races with the best and fastest skaters in the world are always there. One of the things you can notice is that the skates are huge and the big blades are able to help them skate faster. It takes just one wrong move for a player to get eliminated from the race, and this is the type of sport where you always have to push the limits further.

The vast majority of sports that happen on ice come from Canada. The same principle applies for curling. While this sport might not require the players to have excellent athletic capabilities, this is more a strategy game, similar petanque. The purpose of the game is to get your stone as close as possible to a circle and move away your opponent’s stones. It takes a lot of practice, skill, balance and touch in order to move on the ice and do things right while playing curling.

Now in case you want to go crazy, then you should try broomball. This is not an official sport, especially since all you have to do is to grab a broom and it’s very similar to hockey, except for the fact that instead of a stick you will be using a broom and instead of using a puck, there is a ball. There are two teams and they have to start having fun on the ice.

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