In the month of November with winter fast approaching and the cold ready to set in for the festive season, many of us seek a sunny warm holiday location. The rest of the family may enjoy the idea of a city trip, beach holiday or sightseeing while others may entertain the idea of skiing up in the mountains or some prefer to stay inside cozied up to their computers engaging in entertainment such as playing games like slots. One of those better online destinations for that type of entertainment is PokieCasino. This is a information mecca for all things gambling related. Now the real issue is finding a place where all these needs could be met all at once.

Well there is and its called Sicily, just off the coast of Italy visitors will find empty sights for those of you who like sightseeing, warm beaches, and mount Etna with snow. The hotels offer low rates and provide well trained staff that will keep the relaxing atmosphere going. This certainly provides a Mediterranean holiday that ever member of any family will be able to enjoy.


For those who seek the cold of the winter and the festive feel will enjoy the nights as temperatures of 5°C can be expected, and for those in need of a warm beach holiday be sure to bring swimwear as 16 to 20°C can be expected for day temperatures. Sicily definitely has it all with rainy days also becoming part of the holiday. This is one of the only place where visitors will be able to find a holiday that offers absolutely every season of the year within one holiday.

In the November months visitors may find that the holiday resorts are closed and will remain closed for up to 4 months. However, the Island does offer city hotels that are open all year and will be happy to accommodate you and your family on an unforgettable holiday. Hotel Villa Diodoro and Ariston will welcome visitors in Taormina, while in Giardini Naxos hotels like the Hilton will provide accommodation. Alternatively, visitors will be able to rent a holiday apartment, which will be able to provide more privacy. There are also a number of B&B’s that will be able to give you everything required on your holiday. Ski resorts are also a great place to book for the holiday if you and your family are up for the snowy nights.

The main archaeological sites in Sicily includes castles, art galleries and museums that remain open all year round. The best part of visiting these placing is that no queues will get in the way of your perfect holiday. Visitors making their way to the markets strolls will find it a lot more relaxing since the humidity and heat will not be a problem. Sicily provides warm sunshine, but offers a cool atmosphere, which provides a great combination to keep cool while having fun in the sun. No travel groups or crowded areas can be found in alleyways, palazzos, squares restaurants or cafes. There are many of these placing to mention, which most are actually well recommended, they include mountain and fisherman’s, Savoca, Aci Trezza, Ragusa and Kalsa among many more.

Skiing is big in Sicily, which provides a number of different resorts one can visit. The most well known can be found on the south side of mount Etna that offers 5 runs. Another is found in Piano Provenzana on the northern slopes with a single ski run. Visitors will also be able to visit a third resort called Maddonie Mountains. These resort offer a great amount of activities one can take part in, which includes skiing and snowboarding.

Sicily provides a great amount of activities for the whole family and will be able to over see many of what other destinations can offer elsewhere. Be sure to pack for every season of the year as Sicily offers them all at the same time.

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