Popular extreme sports

Extreme sports are very well known as adventure sports or action sports. These are those sporting activities where there is a huge amount of adrenaline and also of danger of getting hurt. There are many variables that you can’t control related to these sports and this is probably the things that makes them very exciting.
In this article we are planning to offer you a very good overview of the most popular extreme sports available and this should give you an idea whether you should start practicing them or not.

Extreme sports

One of the extreme sport that you’ve probably already heard of is creeking. The sport is able to take kayaking to the next level. It all started back in the ‘80s when more durable kayaks were made and the adrenalin rush is brought by the fact that they have to go through waterfalls and along the rapids of a river and all this makes it quite dangerous. There is always the high risk of hitting a big stone or getting sucked down by the high speed water.

Another extreme sport that started to get more popularity lately is the free soloing. There you have the option to do rock climbing and the difference between this and a normal rock climbing sport is that there are absolutely no safety ropes, or any other equipment that could save you in case you make a mistake. This should definitely going to make everything a lot more exciting, but at the same itme it’s also going to be a lot more dangerous. Imagine yourself at 100ft in the air and supporting your whole weight with your toe tips and fingertips. One mistake and you’re gone.

One of the most dangerous sport there is available is called Base Jumping. The statistics are there to say it. In fact there were recorded one death for each 2,317 jumps made. The sport is very simple as all you have to do is to jump off a cliff, tall building or antenna. In order to have a safe landing there is a parachute there to help you. The problem is that since you are not jumping of a plane, there is very little time you have left between the moment when you jump and when you deploy your parachute and at the same time if your parachute fails, you have 99% chances of ending up dead.

In case you are planning a more exotic extreme sport, then you should try the volcano surfing. This might sound a little bit more inoffensive compared to the other sports presented so far. You have to use a special board that is reinforced to deal with the tear and wear of the surface where you’re surfing. Some are doing it while standing up like normal surfers, others while sitting down on the surf board. Everything might sound easy at first sight, but things get difficult as you start hitting the sharp volcanic rocks.

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