Learn the Rules of basketball

In case you plan to play basketball just for fun with your friends, you might not be too strict on the rules and you can go ahead and not use the official rules. It’s best to get familiar with the rules in case you are a beginner. This way you have the opportunity not to go through the embarrassing moments when you’re breaking the rules and you don’t know that you are doing that.

The basic rules of basketball are simple. This game is played on the official basketball court that you can find almost anywhere in the world and since it’s a team sport it’s played by two teams, each of them is made out of five players.

basketball dribbling
The ball is moved in the court by passing or by dribbling. The team that holds the ball is called to be the offense, while the other team is defense. When a team scores, inside the three point arc there are two points credited, while if any member of the team scores outside from that arc, there are three points given. In case there is a foul during the moment when one of the players was preparing to shoot the ball and there are free throws awarded, then one point is awarded for each of the throw that hits the net. In case the player misses the last shot after that the ball is free and any player from both teams have the chance to get it.

One of the best way to familiarize yourself with the rules of basketball is to watch a game. You might not be able to pick all the details from the first time you see it played, but it’s definitely going to be a lot easier for you to get familiar with the game.

The basketball rules were introduced for the first time when the game was played more than 100 years ago. Right now there are rules given by the International Basketball Association. At the same time you can also find rules that have minor changes at each of the leagues. For example the NBA has its own set of rules.

The core objective you have in mind when playing basketball is to score as many points as possible in and you can do that by putting the ball in your opponent’s basket. The basket is 10 feet above the ground and this makes it quite difficult. Both international and college basketball games last for 40 minutes, while the games in high school and also the recreational games will last for only 32 minutes.
Usually a basketball game begins with the popular jump ball. This happens in the center of the court and the referee throws the ball in the air, while two of players will jump and try to catch it.

In a normal basketball game the possession of the ball is going be alternative as right after one team scores, the ball is given to the opposite team.

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