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Jeff Stelling’s Marching for Cancer

Jeff Stelling, the most beloved sports presenter at SkySports announced this week that he shall be hosting a walking marathon for nine days during March. This march shall clock in at more than two hundred and fifty miles, it’ll take place during March 21st to March 30th. Jeff has stated that during these ten days he shall be visiting every single Premiere League football club & will be accompanied by… Read Article →

Rio’s Polluted Bay Life Threatening

Rio De Janeiro is considered to be one of the most disturbing & disgusting places around the world. Truly it is a safe haven for cartels, as within the majority of the city are various slums filled with crime and those tourists who venture to Rio only find themselves in danger. Yet this location is the host of the 2016 Olympics. One of the major issues plaguing these Olympics is… Read Article →

Fantasy Sports Being Banned in Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts is planning to make a major change in the game for companies like DraftKings. This city is planning to prohibit all whom are under the age of twenty one from playing fantasy sports. The reasoning for this is because these fantasy sports leagues act as gambling, unfortunately these criminal companies overstep their boundaries by using the system to their advantage. It’s allowed for them to bypass gambling laws… Read Article →

Waterloo Region High School’s Split Ties

The Waterloo Region has two different school board systems, the first being the Waterloo Regional Catholic School Board & the second being the Waterloo Region District School Board. Both of these boards for the last two decades have corresponded their sporting events & leagues to make it more enjoyable for students. Unfortunately it seems that with the increased rate of population these two leagues no longer need to co-exist with… Read Article →

Youth Could Lose Their Sports

There are thousands of teachers, both elementary and secondary, across Canada who are unionized and looking to gain in negotiations with the respective provinces. They believe that they deserve additional money as well as more prep time and because of this the children have to lose out. It’s estimated that at this time that if the current trend continues 28% of public schools in Canada as well as the USA… Read Article →

Canada Loses to England in Fifa Women’s World Cup

Canada was one of the prospect countries for the 2015 Fifa Women’s World Cup but unfortunately they ended up losing & being defeated out of the world cup in their quarter final match up against England. They lost the game early on in the first half during a brutal three minutes where the Canadian defence was taken down & allowed for two points to be scored. These Canadian women were… Read Article →

San Jose’s Avaya Stadium to Hold MLS All-Star Game!

Major League Soccer revealed earlier on this week that San Jose, California will be the host city for the 2016 MLS All-Star Game for 2016. This game is taking place at the San Jose Avaya Stadium and will be sponsored by AT&T, one of the largest cell phone providers in the world. This is the 21st Annual All-Star Match Up for MLS and will showcase several days of activities & festivities… Read Article →

2015 Land Rover

The Land Rover and the Land Rover Sport is truly a Special Utilities Vehicle unique to its name. There is no other SUV which can resemble the likes of the land rover as this machine is built to not only be vastly luxurious on the inside and out but also it is built to be one of the more incredible off road vehicles. You can take the land rover to… Read Article →

Sports Simulators

Electronic Arts is a company that designs sports simulators for various simulator consoles available on the market. These sport simulators range from soccer to football to hockey to rugby. There is a variety of different games that are released with each passing year but earlier on in November of 2013 two new simulator consoles were released onto the market allowing for EA’s sports simulators to be that much more realistic…. Read Article →

Senzo Meyiwa Dies

Senzo Meyiwa stood as the Captain and Goalie for the South Africa National Soccer Team. He unfortunately has passed away after two men entered Kelly Khumalo’s, the girlfriend of Mr. Meyiwa when two men entered the house in Johannesburg. During the night these two men entered the house and then shot down Senzo Meyiwa in the process. He was rushed to the hospital where he was then pronounced dead upon… Read Article →