Best destinations in the world for scuba diving

The underwater world is probably one of the most wonderful places where you can be. This is the reason why scuba diving is considered to be one of the best sports in the world. Any adrenaline junkie will just love to take an oxygen tank on their backs and plunge in the ocean to see the marvels of nature.

The best scuba diving experiences can be found in exotic places. In case you are a big fan of this sport, then you might need to check the exotic destinations like Maldives, Cocos Island or others. In this article we are planning to reveal some of the best places in the world where you can do scuba diving. This sport can bring additional benefits to your vacation and it should allow you to get one of the best underwater experience out there.

Red Sea – Egypt

There are many hundreds of miles of corals waiting for you in the Red Sea. Expect to find crystal clear water and a wonderful and colorful world for this destination that is probably one of the best there is. The water is always clear and warm. You get great visibility and exploring the bottom of the sea is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a lot of fun while enjoying high quality time.

Turks and Caicos – Caribbean

This destination has always been popular ever since the ‘70s. There is a calm, warm and clear water waiting for you that needs to be explored. Most of the island is inhabited and this gives you the chance to get a nice adventure into the wild. As you probably already know the Caribbean is where the 3rd largest coral reef in the world it’s located.

The Philippines

This is an island nation and there are more than 7 thousands islands that form it. This brings you a never ending list of sites where you could be doing scuba diving. You can find many amazing creatures like the white tip sharks, moray eels and triggerfish. The water is clear and warm all year long and this gives you the possibility to continue on diving anytime you want.

white tip shark

Grand Cayman

This is another great destination for scuba diving and it’s able to offer you an unique adventure that you can’t find anywhere else. In case you are planning to go for the famous reefs and walls then you can only go there by boat. There are many shore dives available and every time you do it, you can discover endless amounts of new creatures that you’ve probably never seen before.

Scuba diving has always been a fun and exciting sport. It offers you the possibility to work out as you have to swim to the bottom of the ocean or sea and at the same time you can discover a world that you’ve probably never seen before. It doesn’t matter if you go down for a coral reef, shipwreck or just to see the fish, you can always have a fun time diving.

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