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Returning To The Marathon

During the last two decades a sports therapist by the name of Amy Hughes hasn’t been able to enter any marathons due to a serious fall she took on her ankle at the young age of 14. Twelve years later and this beautiful sports therapist has not only been able to change her life but the lives of her students as well. After noticing that a number of her patients… Read Article →

Sports Drink Manufactures Offer False Claims

Sports Drink Manufactures such as the Coca-Cola Company has been advertising that their sports drinks will not only make you better at playing sports but that they have health benefits as well. It appears as everyone has always known that these claims prove to be a major lie. The Oxford University recently underwent a study that wanted to prove that these claims were a lie. The Oxford University viewed over… Read Article →

Video Games

If you were to go back thirty years ago then you would be in an entirely different world. Video games weren’t a massive industry that brought billions of dollars into the world economy. Thirty years ago the only game you essentially had was pong, within those thirty years things have changed greatly. Video games now offer visuals that resemble real life, you can hardly tell the difference between reality and… Read Article →

Illegal Sports Streaming Site

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in Manchester City, Britain had to underage a serious raid last weekend. A house located in Cheetham Hill, Manchester had been under suspicions for streaming a mass amount of events relating to sports from around the world. A unit was packing weapons such as M16’s because in these raids you can never be sure if it’s just one man trying to make some extra… Read Article →

The Pontiac Silverdome

There are many different places located around the world that have been abandoned. These places have an eerie silence to them, all you will ever here is the sound of the wind or paper blowing in the wind. People from all around the world flock to these abandoned locations in hopes that they will have some spiritual or ghostly experience with the other side. There are very few places across… Read Article →

US Air Force Encourages Soldiers

The United States of America has the world’s largest army, they are a force not to be reckoned with as it would result in the death of many. The US Army isn’t your enemy though, without them the world would be a completely different place. A world more than likely filled with communist regimes that wouldn’t take no for an answer, break the rules and they would break you. Most… Read Article →

Soccer Life In Brazil

Brazil is currently hosting the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Due to being hosts to one of the largest tournaments held across all sports Brazil has been receiving a lot of attention from the media. Those who were once never concerned with the country have now found themselves fascinated by the tropic land. Those very same people have also been looking into the culture of Brazil, realizing that Brazil thrives on… Read Article →

New Zealand Beats England

The Rugby Union within European had a major upset occur earlier on this week. England, one of the most beloved teams in the Rugby Union lost to New Zealand earlier on during the week. England was the rooting team as they won their previous five games in a row, having one of their best streaks yet of the season. Unfortunately for England, New Zealand was able to pull through and… Read Article →

Player Satisfaction Low At New Jersey Online Casinos

A report came out from the Online Casino Customer Satisfaction Department. This report noted that player satisfaction in New Jersey is at an all time low, punters are progressively becoming more impatient with the fact that whenever they need answers to help the customer service options at New Jersey’s online casinos can’t be reached. This resulted in the Customer Satisfaction Department have to complete a survey amongst online punters in… Read Article →