Jeff Stelling’s Marching for Cancer

Jeff Stelling, the most beloved sports presenter at SkySports announced this week that he shall be hosting a walking marathon for nine days during March. This march shall clock in at more than two hundred and fifty miles, it’ll take place during March 21st to March 30th.


Jeff has stated that during these ten days he shall be visiting every single Premiere League football club & will be accompanied by a variety of famous stars in his walk. This sixty-year-old man plans on visiting thirty-one different football clubs within nine days. Anyone whom wants to join in on this march can do so by visiting their website, all that is asked is that you have proof that you’ve been sponsored by someone & their willing to donate the minimum or higher amount for every mile that their candidate walks. All donations will be given towards prostate cancer, something that Mr. Stelling has had to suffer from as two of his friends have passed due to the cancer.

Mr. Stelling is no stranger to these long distance walks though, he is actually known to be one of the few older sports casters whom remain active. He completed five or more marathons a year, he’s walked the entire length of the Great Wall of China, he’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and done so much more. This walk will more than likely be a walk in the park for this man.

He hopes that hundreds to thousands will join him on his 250-mile journey, it’ll raise more money for Prostate Cancer than he ever could’ve hoped for.