Rio’s Polluted Bay Life Threatening

Rio De Janeiro is considered to be one of the most disturbing & disgusting places around the world. Truly it is a safe haven for cartels, as within the majority of the city are various slums filled with crime and those tourists who venture to Rio only find themselves in danger. Yet this location is the host of the 2016 Olympics.

Guanabara Bay, Rio De Janeiro

One of the major issues plaguing these Olympics is Guanabara Bay, Rio De Janeiro. It’s one of the most disgusting bays in the world. An estimated six hundred and forty million litres of untreated sewage flow each day; this is enough to fill 185 Olympic Swimming Pools. Those Olympians that have already tested out the waters have claimed that it’s far for unhealthy to swim in, that it’ll potentially effect the state of health for anyone whom swims in the water. It’s even been so bad that swimmers have stated they’ve swam into a floating couch & a dead dog.

The Brazilian Government has stated now that their promise to have these waters cleaned by August won’t be completed. The reasoning for this is simple, every bit of efforts they make are foiled by citizens of Rio dumping whatever they so please into the bay or its connecting rivers. Terminals, factories, service docks & oil refineries are the biggest polluters within Rio De Janeiro. Hopefully within two decades’ time this water can be clean once again.

There are many Olympian swimmers whom have stated they won’t swim this year, there’s a potential that all swimmers shall do the same thing which’ll only cause for one of the most beloved summer Olympic sports to disappear.