Fantasy Sports Being Banned in Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts is planning to make a major change in the game for companies like DraftKings. This city is planning to prohibit all whom are under the age of twenty one from playing fantasy sports. The reasoning for this is because these fantasy sports leagues act as gambling, unfortunately these criminal companies overstep their boundaries by using the system to their advantage. It’s allowed for them to bypass gambling laws and act as a form of entertainment.

Boston, Massachusetts

Luckily Attorney General Maura Healey is planning to take a stand against these fantasy leagues. She’s proposed a new bill which would ban everyone under the legal age from using any fantasy leagues which require payments to be made, only free to play fantasy leagues will be available to the youth of Massachusetts now.

There are many around the United States of America who are praising this attorney general for what she is doing. Paid fantasy sports is directly a form of gambling, it’s called “Sports Betting”. Sports betting has been around for decades upon decades, wherever along the lines these applications were able to avoid operating as a gambling operator is wrong. It’s allowed for millions of youth around America to waste money and become addicted to gambling as a far younger age then they ever should be.

This law is being backed up by all Massachusetts lawmakers and they’ll be pursuing other lawmakers around the country to go down the same avenue in order to protect America’s youth from the preying hands of these sports betting applications.