Waterloo Region High School’s Split Ties

The Waterloo Region has two different school board systems, the first being the Waterloo Regional Catholic School Board & the second being the Waterloo Region District School Board. Both of these boards for the last two decades have corresponded their sporting events & leagues to make it more enjoyable for students. Unfortunately it seems that with the increased rate of population these two leagues no longer need to co-exist with one another, this being proven as both districts announced earlier on this week that they’ll be competing in their own sporting league events starting September.

Waterloo Regional Catholic School Board

This decision was made after board boards agreed that there are enough students within each school system to have their own sporting leagues and by combining both school boards is makes the events to hectic. This is true to the point, students who are still on summer vacation expressed that their pleased with this decision. Most of them noting that the events are far too crowded, causing for stress and sometimes injuries. This announcement also came with the revilement that no sports would be cancelled due to this decision. Instead this move will only prevent some challenges that were always an issue to school board faculty.

There have been some parents who’ve expressed that this decision is only being made to once again make the teachers, vice-principles and principles lives easier while at work. This is a major issue within Canada that has caused for teaching to become a profession that is look down upon. This is what comes with a union though.