Youth Could Lose Their Sports

There are thousands of teachers, both elementary and secondary, across Canada who are unionized and looking to gain in negotiations with the respective provinces. They believe that they deserve additional money as well as more prep time and because of this the children have to lose out. It’s estimated that at this time that if the current trend continues 28% of public schools in Canada as well as the USA won’t offer any sport programs.

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What this means is that these children lose out on a valuable aspect in their life, most greats in sport history begun their start with school sports. The teachers show no signs of caring for these students though, they act and like to say that what they do is for the students but the fact of the matter is that these teachers show a tendency of wanting everything they possibly can get out of their jobs. Canadian provinces are not willing to allow for this to be the case and the government is taking a firm stand against the teachers union by stating that if they don’t want to abide by the new laws they’ll be terminated and replaced with more compliant individuals. One of the ways Canada is doing this is no longer giving teachers a mass amount of time off, starting next year students will have four separate two week long breaks throughout the year instead of a two month long vacation. This means that teachers will constantly need to be working for their benefits and large salaries.

Canada also plans to lower the teacher’s salary in the upcoming months so that students have more opportunities. The fact of the matter is that these students are the future and deserve more opportunities than the teachers. Hopefully the United States of America will follow alongside Canada.

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