Canada Loses to England in Fifa Women’s World Cup

Canada was one of the prospect countries for the 2015 Fifa Women’s World Cup but unfortunately they ended up losing & being defeated out of the world cup in their quarter final match up against England. They lost the game early on in the first half during a brutal three minutes where the Canadian defence was taken down & allowed for two points to be scored. These Canadian women were able to score one goal, making it a challenge for England none the less.

Fifa Women’s World Cup

This doesn’t mean that Canada will be leaving the Fifa Women’s World Cup with nothing. While they did not earn gold they will instead win the bronze medal. At this time England is set to play against the defending champions Japan. Analysts believe that England won’t be able to pull through on top for this match up as Japan is known for their astonishing speed, footwork and resilience on the field.

The Canadian Coach, Mark Sampson noted after the match that he believed England was getting an easy ride from the referee’s & if that wasn’t the case then Canada would’ve had a good chance of winning the match. The players expressed that their disappointed by their loss but are pleased that they lost in the quarter finals to England, a country that holds dear to Canada’s creation as a country and their history as a whole.

We will keep you up to date as to how the England Women’s FIFA team does in their upcoming match up against Japan.

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