San Jose’s Avaya Stadium to Hold MLS All-Star Game!

Major League Soccer revealed earlier on this week that San Jose, California will be the host city for the 2016 MLS All-Star Game for 2016. This game is taking place at the San Jose Avaya Stadium and will be sponsored by AT&T, one of the largest cell phone providers in the world. This is the 21st Annual All-Star Match Up for MLS and will showcase several days of activities & festivities before the actual game takes place.

2016 MLS All-Star Game

This marks the first time that television broadcaster TSN is taking an entire week & dedicating a large portion of their programing to MLS outside of their annual playoff’s which only confirms that Major League Soccer is continuing to rise in popularity. This match is going to be seen in more than one hundred different countries around the world through TSN, RDS, Univision and ESPN.

This isn’t the first time that San Jose has hosted the All-Star match up for MLS. They did earlier on in 2001 where the eastern & western conference all-star players played one another to a 1-1 Match Up. Unfortunately there is no set date for this game as of right now, that information will be announced at a later date.

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber noted that this year MLS will be doing major advertising for the All-Star Match up & Playoffs in hopes of once again increasing MLS’s popularity in North America. We’ll inform you as to when this match will actually be taking place on a later date.

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