Sports Simulators

Electronic Arts is a company that designs sports simulators for various simulator consoles available on the market. These sport simulators range from soccer to football to hockey to rugby. There is a variety of different games that are released with each passing year but earlier on in November of 2013 two new simulator consoles were released onto the market allowing for EA’s sports simulators to be that much more realistic. Due to this it was revealed today by EA that they’ve earned the highest profit in their history on sports simulators.


This came as a major shock to many people in their industry as for a long period of time these sport simulators didn’t receive the popularity that they deserved due to the nature of the graphics from the last generation simulator consoles. The new visuals designed in these simulators has allowed for them to resemble real life and thus by allow for players to get the real experience of soccer, football, rugby, hockey, racing or any of the other sport simulators available on the market.

This year alone they were able to receive of 107% rise in profit on their sport simulator games. This is more than double of the profit that they previously had before. This means that you can be ensured that next year’s renditions of their games will be far superior then this year’s renditions. We shall inform you of any new information revealed regarding the new sports simulator games that are to be released in the upcoming year of 2015.

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