Senzo Meyiwa Dies

Senzo Meyiwa stood as the Captain and Goalie for the South Africa National Soccer Team. He unfortunately has passed away after two men entered Kelly Khumalo’s, the girlfriend of Mr. Meyiwa when two men entered the house in Johannesburg. During the night these two men entered the house and then shot down Senzo Meyiwa in the process. He was rushed to the hospital where he was then pronounced dead upon arrival.

Senzo Meyiwa

This has sent shockwaves through South Africa as this man just wasn’t their Captain but he also stood as a role model for all the children & adults alike in South Africa. These two men were demanding that they give up their mobile phones & whatever electronics they had worth money. Kelly said that Senzo offered everything he could to them, all of the money he had in his wallet and every electronic in the house as money was nothing to him & he could afford to replace it. Apparently this wasn’t enough for the men as they still killed this innocent man who was only trying to protect his girlfriend and himself.

There is no words that can be said regarding this formidable crimes. The funeral date hasn’t been revealed as of right now, people suspect that there will be an open funeral for the public where Senzo’s body won’t lie and that there will be a private funeral for his family & close friends. We can only hope that those who committed this formidable act will be sent to prison for life & feel the full force of South African Law.

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