Returning To The Marathon

During the last two decades a sports therapist by the name of Amy Hughes hasn’t been able to enter any marathons due to a serious fall she took on her ankle at the young age of 14. Twelve years later and this beautiful sports therapist has not only been able to change her life but the lives of her students as well. After noticing that a number of her patients were falling ill from depression after not being able to play their favorite sport anymore she took it upon herself to do the one thing that every doctor she’d seen said she simply cannot. She trained her body and eventually entered a marathon again which results in her entering a marathon everyday for fifty three days.

Amy Hughes

The result of her efforts has been that her patients have returned to them normal selves and some of them have even taken the extra mile to work on their abilities once again. Perfecting certain work outs in order to enhance their body to the point that they could play Football, Basketball, Cricket or whatever the sport might be. Amy Hughes became re-accomplished Marathon Athlete as by the end of her fifty three marathon run she was coming in second or third place nearly every time. Unfortunately she said she’ll only be entering one or two Marathon’s a year from now on as her ankle almost did give out a number of times during that fifty three day stretch.

Congratulations are in order for Amy Hughes and anyone betting their situation due to her efforts.

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