Sports Drink Manufactures Offer False Claims

Sports Drink Manufactures such as the Coca-Cola Company has been advertising that their sports drinks will not only make you better at playing sports but that they have health benefits as well. It appears as everyone has always known that these claims prove to be a major lie. The Oxford University recently underwent a study that wanted to prove that these claims were a lie.


The Oxford University viewed over the ingredients in these drinks, showing that even though these drinks come with carbohydrates and electrolytes they actually don’t do much for you when you compare it to the mass amount of sugar in these drinks. Those who drink these sports drinks on a regular basis could end up having diabetes in the future as an average 500ML sports drink has 17.g G of Sugar within it, this is the same as eating a full teaspoon of sugar. There are those who have two of these drinks or more a day in order to boost their energy for working out or playing sports.

What you don’t know is that the amount of carbohydrates and electrolytes in these drinks don’t give you enough energy health wise in order to perform in an activity. It’s the sugar that give you this extra boost of energy. No manufacture has bothered to make any official statements regarding this study as they don’t want to lose any business, those wishing to refresh themselves while playing a sport or exercising should stick with water from now on.

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