Illegal Sports Streaming Site

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in Manchester City, Britain had to underage a serious raid last weekend. A house located in Cheetham Hill, Manchester had been under suspicions for streaming a mass amount of events relating to sports from around the world. A unit was packing weapons such as M16’s because in these raids you can never be sure if it’s just one man trying to make some extra money or if it is a series of men, locked and loaded with weapons to defend their new business.

Manchester City, UK

This disgraceful operation would only cost ten euro’s a month for people to subscribe, in return those subscribers would get access to all of the massive sporting events located throughout the globe. One of the main sporting events being watched was any match being played in the Premier League, a league that originates directly from Britain. The police supports this raid, lending out some of the assault rifles that were never used during the raid.

Only one man was charged as he was the only one operating this illegal streaming service. A total of twelve computers filled with evidence were seized by the unit, this man has been given a court date and until that court date this man will spend his days in the local police station’s jail cell.

The Head of PIPCU, said: “Today’s operation is the unit’s third arrest in relation to online streaming. Not only is there a significant loss to industry with this particular operation but it is also unfair that millions of people work hard to be able to afford to pay for their subscription-only TV services when others cheat the system.”

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