US Air Force Encourages Soldiers

The United States of America has the world’s largest army, they are a force not to be reckoned with as it would result in the death of many. The US Army isn’t your enemy though, without them the world would be a completely different place. A world more than likely filled with communist regimes that wouldn’t take no for an answer, break the rules and they would break you. Most of the US Army is stationed in the US right now as there is no war to fight, there are hardly any countries to protect and in the eyes of the overall history of the world we are in a peaceful state right now.

US Army

So in order to pass the time the US Air Force has given their soldiers the chance to play sports while they aren’t busy. Almost every US Air Force Base has been retrofitted with football fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and anything else you can think of involving sports. This choice has actually allowed for US Air Force Soldiers to be more active while on duty, it has allowed for them to relieve stress and perform better while on the job. This imitative has proven to be so successful that the US Army and US Navy are both considered the same thing for their soldiers.

On top of all of that having these sports available for soldiers will allow for them to constantly stay fit. This means that if they ever have to defend their country they’ll be in a position where their healthy, fit and ready to fight.

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