New Zealand Beats England

The Rugby Union within European had a major upset occur earlier on this week. England, one of the most beloved teams in the Rugby Union lost to New Zealand earlier on during the week. England was the rooting team as they won their previous five games in a row, having one of their best streaks yet of the season. Unfortunately for England, New Zealand was able to pull through and make the right plays. This resulted in New Zealand beating England 36-13.

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Freddie Burns, one of the players for England said the following regarding their loss, “We just weren’t on our game today, as a team we couldn’t function. New Zealand had us beat half way through the game and we all knew it. Their players were on spot, the players were in fighting condition and you knew they were playing to win. Even though we would of preferred to win we have had a five game win streak, regarding we will be one of the starting teams in this year’s Rugby Finals. We hope to see New Zealand at the Semi-Finals as we will rip them a new one that they’ve never experiences before.”

Clearly you can tell that England wants revenge on New Zealand for losing but also accepts that they weren’t performing well as a team. This will change come next game as the England Rugby Union Players just needed a rest after winning five games in a row. You can be ensured that this won’t be the last we hear about the rivalry of England and New Zealand.

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