Player Satisfaction Low At New Jersey Online Casinos

A report came out from the Online Casino Customer Satisfaction Department. This report noted that player satisfaction in New Jersey is at an all time low, punters are progressively becoming more impatient with the fact that whenever they need answers to help the customer service options at New Jersey’s online casinos can’t be reached. This resulted in the Customer Satisfaction Department have to complete a survey amongst online punters in New Jersey.

New Jersey

A total of 81% of punters who gamble online in New Jersey agreed that player satisfaction at online casinos located in the borders of New Jersey are absolutely horrible. The other 29% noted that when they needed help from a customer service representative it was at the beginning of the online gambling market in New Jersey. This in return means that online casinos in New Jersey have been progressively getting lazier with each passing month.

The survey was conducted by Jim Quigley, he commented on this report being released saying, “It is a shame to see that the online casinos located in New Jersey are becoming more lazy with each passing month. New Jersey has been able to become the most profitable online gambling market in the United States of America but if these casinos continue to not cater towards their punters they’ll find that the online gambling industry in New Jersey will die. The only hope that these casinos have it to provide their players with special promotions and intelligent customer support representatives.”

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